PhD position available!


If you're in love with structural biology and have a strong interest in mechanisms of histone PTM regulation - check out our latest job opening. Exciting interdisciplinary project on histone demethylation in cancer!

We're looking for a new PhD student to join our team. The position is available as part of the newly established CRC1430 - Molecular Mechanisms of Cell State Transitions - a fabulous consortium for interdisciplinary research on mechanistic cell biology. This project will focus on the structure and regulatory interactions of a human histone demethylase that is critical for cancer progression. The work will be very structure and biochemistry heavy, so that previous experience in either or both biochemistry and structural biology is a must. We are mainly working with reconstituted complexes of chromatin modifiers with regulatory co-factors and chromatin substrates. To elucidate novel mechanisms that control their targeting and activity regulation, we are using single-particle cryo-electron microscopy, cross-linking mass spectrometry and biochemical approaches.
If you're interested, please apply here